What if my son wants to participate in the Chess Club, Newspaper Club, or another extracurricular activity at Edgar School, can he still attend The Zone?

Yes, it’s great that your son is interested in both. On the days that he has an extra-curricular activity, he should first sign in at The Zone and let the staff know where he will be. When the club meeting ends, he can return to activities at The Zone.

My daughter is on an Edgar sports team, can she join Zone activities when it ends?

Yes, your daughter should sign-up for both activities. On the days she has PRACTICE she would sign in at The Zone and let staff know where she will be. When PRACTICE is over, she will return to The Zone. However, when students have a GAME they should NOT attend The Zone, because often their GAMES do not end until after the Zone Program has ended.

Why can’t my daughter leave The Zone whenever she wants to?

Student safety is our number one concern. The ZONE was created to supervise youth during the hours when they are most at-risk for crime and experimentation.

Will someone help my son with his homework during the homework session?

Yes, we have staff in every homework room to assist the kids. However, it remains the student’s responsibility to complete the homework and ask for help. If your son consistently uses his planner to write down assignments, we can help him keep focused and remind him what work needs to be done. We often check to make sure that all homework is completed. We find that our most successful students are those who are supported by both The Zone and their families who work together to reinforce the importance of homework and study skills.