Enroll Fall 2023

Five easy steps to enroll

1. Take a look at our Program, Policies, and Procedures.  It will answer basic questions you may have about our program, registration, pricing, discounts, daily schedule, health forms, and lots more.

2. Log on to PaySchoolsCentral .  Select monthly - 5 days to 1 day per week or  Drop-in attendance option.  Make payment either with your checking or credit card.   

3. Once we receive your first payment, we will follow up with a Registration Form via Genesis.  The form will become available to you on Genesis a day or two after we receive notice of your payment.  

4.  Our staff will review the completed Registration Form and send a welcome email message.  If you signed your student up for 4-3-2 or 1 day a week per month attendance, you will be asked to specify what days of the weeks.   

5.  Your student will then be added to our daily sign-in for the days specified.   Enrollment complete!  

Please note: that the registration process may take a few days to complete especially for the first-month attending.  We can not process registration in less than 24 hours. 

Students and parents should review The ZONE
Homework and Behavior Contracts .

If you have any questions or concerns regarding The ZONE program, please contact us at 732-321-5085 or email Roseanna Misuraca at rmisuraca@metboe.k12.nj.us.